Day Two Hundred and Twenty Five: Monday 4th February

Greetings to all of our lovely followers and friends! Let me start this blog, our first of 2019, by wishing you (rather belatedly) a…

Happy New Year!!!

We hope that each and every one of you brought 2019 in with lots of love, laughter and liquor, surrounded by the ones you hold dear, or perhaps simply, standing side by side with your #1 partner in crime.

Waiting on the countdown like…

Christmas and New Year was a very busy and challenging time for us and so I decided to take a short break from social media, blogging etc. however I am pleased to announce that we are back, with lots of stories of canine chaos to share and lots of exciting things lined up which we can be looking forward to.

Let’s quickly recap on 2018. For many, it will be a year that people are eager to leave behind as that traditional ‘new year, new me’ mantra dictates. However, for me, 2018 will always be a very special year, one that I will always remember – the year Luna came into our lives.


Christmas was a lovely time for them. In preparation for it, they attended a fabulous Christmas party at daycare, complete with Christmas themed scent trails, ‘what’s under Santa’s hat’ games, and even personalised Christmas cards for their humans as below…

So cute!

On top of this, daycare also arranged to have a professional photographer come down to take some shots of all the attendees and we couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out! Leia has a little hesistant due to the flash but Luna certainly looks like she knows her angles.

Check out Jonathan Muir’s page by clicking here.

On Christmas Eve, the pair celebrated their joint second birthday’s and were treated to toys a plenty, treats and even a tipple of Pawsecco – yes, it exists!

On Christmas morning, it’s tradition in our house that the animals open their presents first and you didn’t have to tell these two twice – their keen noses couldn’t wait to investigate the mysterious red sack which had appeared overnight. It smelled distinctively like bacon and squeaked in places. Definitely intriguing. Here are some photos and videos from the day-

Grateful also to spend some time with their favourite Auntie Gabby!

They were keen also to get tucked into their very special Heights Farm Food Doggy Stockings. To all those who purchased, we hope your pups loved them as much as ours did! More on that in the Loving Luna and Friends blog, out tomorrow.

Like us humans, by the time evening came, their bellies were full and their eyes growing heavy. It wasn’t long before they were cosied up in the warmth of their beds.

If you have photos of your festive puppers, share them in the comments below, we’d love to see!

Moving to 2019, Luna has now officially been a U.K resident for eight months,  a staggering two hundred and twenty five days, as highlighted by the blogs title, since we first laid eyes on her. New Year always brings about a time of reflection and when I consider this journey and the distance we have come, it still doesn’t feel quite real.  Watching her now, cuddled up in her plush bed at night, snoring, with those big ears lolling either side, it is so hard to picture her as that same skinny, desperate soul.

But, as the dog trainer we hired once said, ‘dogs live in the present’ and I very much believe that sentiment. I don’t think Greece ever crosses her mind. She is so settled and so adjusted to her new life, too busy running through the woods with Leia or tumbling around at daycare, to afford a thought to the life she once lived. To illustrate this, I’ll tell you a humorous story of how truly pampered and privileged this pooch now believes herself to be –

On a normal day, Luna and Leia have access to most of the house including the lounge where the sofa, with its soft cushions and blankets, resides. As you can imagine, this is a favoured spot. However, this particular afternoon, such access had been denied to allow the floor time to dry, following a spring clean. Leia, and my older boy Koko, simply took to laying down on the laminate floor in the kitchen instead. No biggie. Luna, on the other hand, began pacing and pacing, crying and whimpering, as if some serious injustice had been done to her. At first, I watched her, aimlessly walking circles and circles around the perimeter of the kitchen, waiting for her to give in and join the other pups.

This went on for nearly ten minutes.

 To test her snobbery, I tossed a cushion onto the floor and within seconds of it landing…

It so amusing to witness, this FORMER STRAY did not want to lie down on the laminate floor because it was cold and hard. I remarked aloud, ‘You do realise you used to be a stray right? You used to sleep on rocks, in the mountains’. Her response was simply a look to remind me that she was no longer a peasant as she curled tighter into a ball and began to snore. Spoiled or what?

So what else has she been up to lately? Day by day the bond between her and Leia only continues to grow stronger. Here are some recent pics which are sure to just melt your heart-

As you can tell napping together is still one of their favourite activities.

God forbid you ever have to separate them. For instance, Leia recently had a small lump come up on her face, (it proved to be nothing serious and cleared up after a round of antibiotics). However, getting her out of the house for her veterinary appointment without Luna was a task indeed. I’m surprised the neighbours didn’t call the RSPCA from the way Luna pitifully cried the house down. Likewise, although Luna’s training has come on in leaps and bounds, her recall is still unreliable. Recently, my dad has been taking her out onto the field, solo, to work on her skills. From the moment she leaves, Leia shakes and whimpers and goes all wide-eyed, scanning every passer by for any sign of gangly black legs and elephant-like ears. They truly are soulmates.

They still continue to enjoy plenty of walks. Most of the time however they end up looking like this…

which results in the need for a bath… neither are very keen. Still cute though.

Another milestone for us came a couple of weeks ago. For the first time since she landed in the U.K, we were separated for over a week as I made the decision to travel to Morocco on a solo yoga retreat. I knew she was going to be in safe hands and would be far too busy to miss me but it was still a challenge to be without her. In my room in Morocco, it felt odd to be able to leave things unattended, socks particularly and to sleep without the faint snoring droning on in the background. Everyday I spoke to my mum, I’d ask ‘how’s Luna? Is she okay?’ and every day she’d reply the same, ‘she’s fine, she’s sleeping, she’d had a busy day’. We Facetimed once but I don’t think she quite understood the concept…

When I arrived home, I was met with lots of love and kisses and realised just how much I had missed her. It didn’t take long before the novelty worth off however and she was back to her independent little self, like ‘okay hu-mom, I missed you too but you’re smothering me, I want to play’.

I am jetting off again next week, this time the trip is Loving Luna and Friends centred. More to be revealed in the blog tomorrow. I am confident, after my experience of being away in Morocco, that she won’t pine or confine herself to her bed with separation anxiety but will be much too concerned with her thirst for adventure in the everyday and so I can rest assured she’ll be perfectly content in my absence.

In late January, we had our first real snowfall. This was something I had been waiting for. What would her reaction be? Confusion? Excitement? It certainly wasn’t something she had ever had any contact with before. The answer? In true Luna style, she gave it a meer look-over and then retreated to the warmth of the sofa where she snuggled down between the pillows and dozed off. Not interested.

But with some encouragement from Leia, she was soon playing happily.

Soon to turn into snowy play-fighting!

That’s all for now! I wanted to keep this blog short as more of an introduction to this new year of blogging! Remember we also post regularly to our social media, detailed below:

Facebook: @lovinglunauk

Twitter: @LovingLunaUK

Instagram: @lovinglunauk

Until next time!



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