Day One Hundred and Forty Four: Thursday 8th November

Good afternoon to all and a happy November! Don’t you just love this time of year? The leaves on the ground, the crisp mornings, the cosy nights. It’s my favourite season. There’s nothing better than snuggling down, with a blanket, and watching the world go by. That goes for humans and dogs-a-like as our creature of comfort Leia, pictured below, demonstrates:

In my last blog, Day One Hundred and Twenty Two, I explained how Luna and Leia had recently developed some slightly destructive tendencies i.e ripping off wallpaper and emptying bins. Thankfully, now that we have a more regular routine in place with them being at home with me on my days off and at daycare for the three days I work, the chaos seems to have subsided. Whether it is because they are burning off all their energy at the Collar Club or simply because I’m there to supervise, it’s working and I don’t want to jinx it.

With them attending daycare more consistently, I’ve noticed two big changes. Firstly, Luna is much calmer at home. When I get home from work at around 7:45pm, she is always flat-out on the sofa in a deep sleep and even my entrance isn’t enough to stir her. The most I get is a sleepy lift of the head and a tail wag before she drops back into her doze.

Secondly, the staff at daycare have commented that with her attending more regularly, she’s really starting to socialise and interact with the other dogs rather than standing on the sidelines. Just look at her rolling around with Bella Beagle below:

Leia, on the other hand, is not quite there yet. Her tail will wag but there’s still some hesitancy. The staff say she prefers to be on high ground to watch what’s going on.

It’s also so lovely to hear that she is regularly checked up on by Luna, who trots over to reassure her and they have a little play between themselves.

They were even awarded a certificate for ‘Most Progressed’, we are so pleased.

Halloween rolled around and the daycare hosted it’s very own Halloween party!

Do you think we look spooky?!

If you’ve ever dressed your dog up in a costume, drop a picture in the comments below!

Other activities included ‘Hide the Treats’. Luna has a nose like a bloodhound for anything savoury and seemed to really get stuck in.

Whilst we are on the topic of the Collar Club, did you hear about their One Year Anniversary Fun Day? It was held on Saturday 3rd November to mark their very first birthday and gave customers and their four-legged friends the chance to celebrate alongside them with raffles, stalls, cakes and much much more.

Jenna and Catrina, the owners, were kind enough to choose Loving Luna and Friends as the cause they wanted to raise money for on the day and a total of £180 was raised! To hear more about how the day went on, the shelter’s reaction and for pictures, visit my dedicated LLAF blog titled The Collar Club’s One Year Anniversary ‘Fun Day

So, back to the topic of the season. I absolutely cannot wait for the first snowflake to fall to see Luna’s reaction. Olivia, at the shelter, told us that it snowed two years ago in Greece which would have been around the same time that Luna was born. I doubt it’s something that she will remember and also that it was anything compared to the great British winter. One morning last week, we had a touch of frost and she was certainly intrigued by it. After a few sniffs and one brave paw, her cautiousness took control and she hopped onto safer ground. I don’t think she is going to be a fan.

Moving away from the cold outside, doesn’t winter seem to make everything inside seem so much cosier? So where is the best place for a dog to be to keep warm? Their beds? The sofa? Our girls certainly make use of those.

But the answer is in fact…

In the kitchen where the smell of hot sausages and bubbling gravy is lingering.

unnamed (6)

In other news, we are saying bon voyage to my lovely sister Gabrielle who is jetting off to Dubai this weekend on business. Sounds awfully posh doesn’t it? The reality is she’s worked really hard, having also recently graduated from her Masters Degree, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. On Saturday, she popped back home to see us all. I always say that she’s like Luna and Leia’s fun Auntie. They might not always see her but they sure get excited when she stops by and always greet her with plenty of cuddles and kisses.

Thanks to the Halti lead, which I mentioned in the previous blog, the extra control I’ve got over Luna outside of the house means I’ve been able to them out for walks more regularly on my own which is great. They are just incredible to watch. From the moment you let them off the lead, they are like two bullets from a gun. Leia especially, being a whippet-greyhound cross, can move with a ridiculous speed, thudding the ground and kicking up dust as she goes. Luna tries to keep up and when being chased by her has learnt to change direction quickly to stay ahead. Things can get rough, they get caught up in the moment in pack-mentality and end up tumbling through the undergrowth. Here’s some clips below:

With the clocks going back and the dark nights drawing in sooner, evening walks can become more of a challenge, particularly when you have a black dog. But, as per usual, mum’s always have a solution. She recently purchased an array of night time gadgets, including flashing lights which can be attached to collars and head torches, meaning that we are perfectly equipped for the twilight trek. The first time we tried them, it was a real spectacle to watch. All you could see against the black backdrop was Leia’s yellow light and Luna’s red light, drawing patterns like two sparklers, charging around the field. Then from nowhere and along with your own breath, two robo-dog eyes illuminated by the head torches, would come charging towards you. Very spooky indeed!

November 5th brought around a dreaded date for many pet owners. How did your furry friends cope on bonfire night? We were quite fortunate in that Luna is far too laid back to be bothered by loud bangs. She simply slept through them. Infact, she has more of an aversion to rain than fireworks! However, we noticed the other night that she has developed a clever little trick to bypass this in that she was taken to having a wee underneath a table for shelter. Intelligent beings they are.

Leia has more of a nervous disposition by nature and so bonfire night proved more of a challenge for her, meaning we did have a few accidents inside the house. I had seen online a post about an anxiety wrap which can act as a comfort for dogs so we resolved to put her little sweater on her and it seemed to do the trick, she snuggled down between my mum and dad and settled for the night. What works for you and your puppers with fireworks? Let us know!

Looking ahead, Luna has got an appointment at the vets on Monday for her neutering. I can’t help but feel a little nervous. I know it’s a routine operation, one that the vet has carried out hundreds of times, but it will be her first. Having previously had a litter as a stray, the vet informed us that it is a slightly more complex procedure which doesn’t help. I’ve taken next week off to be at home with her during her recovery. Although I can’t say keeping her rested is going to be an easy job however all of her stitches will be internal so there’s less of a risk of her injuring herself if she does get excited. Whilst she’s under, the vet is also going to remove one of her dewclaws which is starting to hang loose to avoid any further damage. It’s going to be a big day. Send us lots of luck!

Speak soon,

Charlotte, Oliver, Luna & Leia



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