The Collar Club’s One Year Anniversary ‘Fun Day’

Loving Luna and Friends

Good morning to all of our lovely followers and four-legged friends!

We wanted to share some news that’s sure to warm your hearts on this crisp November morning.

This weekend, myself and Luna, along with best friend Leia and our family, were invited to attend a very special event. The Collar Club, Luna and Leia’s doggy daycare, hosted a fun day to celebrate their one year anniversary. Jenna and Catrina, the owners, wrote ahead of the big day, ‘we are looking forward to spending the day with you all…thank you for being such great customers and for making this first year magical’.

Although Luna has only been attending since August, we have already developed a special bond with Jenna, Catrina and all of the wonderful staff and volunteers at the Collar Club. So, you can imagine our delight when they announced that ‘Loving Luna and Friends’ was their chosen cause…

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