Day Sixty Four: Monday 20th August

Happy Monday to all! We hope that everybody has had a lovely week. Ours certainly has been another busy one – hence the late post!

The weather in the United Kingdom has begun to take its turn for the worst this week. That classic fine British drizzle has returned, the wind has whipped up and the dark nights are beginning to close in. Winter is setting the scene for its entrance in the coming months. It’s always been my favourite season.  With Halloween, Bonfire Night, my birthday, Christmas and New Year all in quick succession of one another, it’s basically three months of partying and celebrations. For Luna however, this colder climate presents a big change. But, as with all things, she’s taken to the excess water, well…like a duck would!

She isn’t always keen. Some encouragement and a gentle nudge are needed to get her out of the back door. Once out, she generally trots around for a few moments and then attempts a mad dash past your legs back into the house. Being towel dried also isn’t up there on her list of favourite things but luckily her coat isn’t long-haired. Plus, with the brilliant sheen it has at the moment, it looks like the water could just slide right off. I keep calling her my little sea-lion. When she doesn’t have her collar on, and with that long neck and black glossy coat, she almost looks like she could balance a ball on the end of her nose and clap.  Back in Greece, rain drops signaled the time to seek shelter from the oncoming storm so I can understand her hesitance. But she’s trusting, she looks to us for reassurance and will follow us out if we brave it.


This week, she’s spent the majority of her time at my house and has established a good routine: up at 6:00am, wake Charlotte up (never Oliver, might I add, she must know I’m more the morning person), straight outside for a wee, back in for breakfast, back up to bed until Oliver leaves at 8:00am, long walkies with Charlotte, sleep until 1:00pm, get up and play, wait for Mum, Dad and Oliver and greet each one with plenty of licks, leaps and love! Here’s another adorable clip of her when Oliver arrives home that proves she’s a definite daddy’s girl through and through.

We are still continuing to increase the amount of time in which she is left alone in the house and she’s handling it brilliantly. On Saturday night, we all went out to celebrate my Dad’s birthday and she was home alone from roughly 7:00pm to 11:00pm. Judging from the indentation on the bed and the lack of anything chewed or any accidents, we deduced that she just slept on our bed the entire time. This was confirmed upon our return when she appeared sleepily at the top of the stairs and crept down in the darkness with a wagging tail.

The same as last week, she also visited the Collar Club Doggy Daycare again. This week they had scent trails and Luna came top of the class! No surprises there. She has a nose like a blood hound.  They also had a beach themed day complete with sand pits and paddling pools which probably felt like home for Luna! How precious does she look in her little flower chain?


If you are local to Blackburn, I would definitely recommend this daycare. They are so caring and really make the dogs feel at home plus they put on a whole host of exciting activities and events for them.

This wasn’t the only costume she has worn this week. On Tuesday, it was Olivia’s birthday! After her stay at the shelter, we have kept in regular contact with Olivia and Alice and so I wanted to take a nice shot of Luna to wish Olivia a happy birthday. However, Luna was in a cheeky and therefore uncooperative mood, spending more time chewing the little plastic tiara and ‘Birthday Princess’ sash props than posing. Never work with kids or animals, as they say in Hollywood. This made for a hilarious serious of shots and videos…

Olivia and Alice loved the pictures and videos and replied, ‘Just seen this and I’m laughing out loud in the restaurant… very very funny… hopefully by the end of the night I might have as many presents as Luna has toys!’. We are so glad that she was spoiled on her birthday as she is so deserving and are glad that they had a lovely evening and send them all of our love!

Aside from daycare, Luna also got the chance to socialise on her first ever puppy play date! One of my closest friends Mary,  whom I met at University,  and her partner Jason have recently adopted a Romanian rescue dog from their local shelter called Jack. He now lives with the pair and their other dog Winston, a Jack-Russel. On Friday, she hired a secured field for the pair to stretch their legs and kindly invited us along. It was so lovely to see the three of them playing so well together, they had bonded before we had even left the house as you can see from this video-

Unfortunately, the heaven’s had opened by the time we reached the field but despite being caught up in the rain, everybody had a wonderful time.  Luna, Jack and Winston had the entire field to themselves and without the fear of them being able to escape, the owners too could relax as we all played together with tennis balls, agility equipment and plenty of treats. Come evening, there were three tired owners and three very tired dogs. We will definitely be arranging a second date!


So one of the main highlight’s of this week, as you may have seen from my last post, was our feature in the Lancashire Telegraph! I submitted our story to them on the humble off-chance that it might be a quiet news day and was delighted when we were contacted shortly after by a reporter called Bill. Over the phone, I relayed the story in more detail and that’s when he told us that they were planning to run the story on Page Three and also on the Front Page! We couldn’t believe it! The extra exposure, with the Sponsored Dog Walk approaching, would be excellent. I was so excited to get a hold of a copy. Morning came and I checked the LT Online and the story came up straight away-


I visited my Nan to see a copy of the actual paper and it was so exciting. Bill had crafted the story beautifully and it was almost surreal to see our photos proudly spread across the page. After that, many of our friends and local groups shared the article via Facebook, Twitter etc and some of the comments and messages we received were so lovely to read! There was such a buzz in the air!

I emailed Bill to express our gratitude and he replied ‘My pleasure, I gather BBC North West/Radio Lancs are after you’. I thought it was a joke until my phone rang and a voice said – ‘Hi there, I’m one of the producers for BBC Radio Lancashire. We’ve seen your story in the telegraph and would love to have you on the breakfast show tomorrow morning’.

Well, I couldn’t dial Oliver’s phone fast enough. I took Luni’s front paws and we had a little dance in the kitchen. What a wonderful opportunity we had been offered to tell our tale and at the same time, raise awareness, request donations and invite others to the walk! I couldn’t’ wait! I decided to post a light-hearted status to Facebook that following the recent media coverage, pettings were now by appointment only! Luna was becoming one sought after pooch as this diva-style shot shows!


The next morning, we arrived at the studio for 7:30am. Oliver was apprehensive. He’s never been one to stand in the spotlight and gets nervous talking in front of crowds so, for him, the thought of his voice being broadcast to such a large number of people was daunting one. Speaking publicly is something I have become accustomed to with being in the theatre since I was very young. This also reflected the dynamics of our relationship, I’m a talker and Oliver is a listener.  After we arrived and were greeted, we were taken into a little waiting room and Luna started to whine. I worried that she was going to be claustrophobic and disrupt the show but once we entered the studio she was happy to receive lots of attention from Graham Liver, the host. She definitely relishes in being the centre of attention. Comically though, she still made her voice heard with a big yawn and the odd whimper which the producers loved. They worked the show around the theme of rescue and adoption which was lovely and took calls from fellow rescuers including a lady who had saved a German Shepherd from eaten in China and a gentleman who had saved a seagull in his garden. During our interview, conversation rolled naturally and Oliver kept his cool and came off as really confident on the waves. I was so proud of them both.

If you didn’t manage to catch the show, you can listen to it here. We are on from 1:56:30.

In other news, in two weeks we were supposed to be flying to Ibiza. One of Oliver’s passions is DJing and he had been offered a gig in one of the clubs – a once in a lifetime opportunity which we couldn’t miss. Unfortunately, the gig has been cancelled with the club closing down. This meant that we both had a week booked off work and so we have decided to take a trip to the Lake District instead. Just the three of us. Although we are disappointed about the jilted trip, it will be nice to spend some quality time as a family, away from all the noise and chaos of urban life.

It has however put some pressure on Luna’s recall training. At the minute, she’s about eighty percent responsive. She mainly returns, bounding over and collects a treat however if she gets distracted or picks up a scent, she will run, ‘oblivious’ to your calls. The Lake District is prime dog-walking terrain. There are plenty of open fields, woodland, trails and lakes (hence the name). We of course want her to be able to explore this new place and enjoy the trip fully and so it would be a shame if we had to keep her on the lead. I have faith in her and hopefully with some perseverance, we’ll feel confident enough to let her run free in the Lakes! The Lake District is great aswell because it’s just so dog friendly. We’ll be cosying up in front of the fire in the cottage or popping down to the local pubs with Luna in no time! The cottage we’ve booked is just adorable-

Looking further ahead, our search for a house was postponed with Ibiza presenting itself so as soon as we come back from the Lakes, we’ll be actively trying to find our future home. Mum picks up something different from Asda every week she’s there and gradually a pile is building below the window: casserole dishes, frying pans, spatulas, pizza cutters, tea towels. It’s so sweet because when you move out, you think of the big things like beds and fridges, not the little things that really make it a home.

I’m keeping half an eye out for a house with some land. I’ve had this idea of making ‘Loving Luna and Friends’, a full time job. It’s all still very premature but the cogs are turning. I’ve had this vision of a centre with a secured dog field, doggy daycare, adoption shelter, grooming, dog walking services etc, all in one place. Watch this space.

Don’t forget, it’s still not too late to sign up for our Sponsored Dog Walk. Find all the information by clicking here, we would love to see lots of fresh or familiar faces!

That’s all for now! We’ll leave you with this family photo which we finally got around to taking. Have a lovely week!






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  1. Fame at last… Luna is now a true celebrity! Have a lovely holiday in the Lake District… Hopefully, Luna will be good and not run off into such tempting hills. But then, it rains in the Lake District, so she is likely to come back to find shelter from the wet stuff. 💦😉😂😂😂🐕

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