Day Forty Nine: Sunday 5th August

Happy Sunday to all! Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!

Luna has been an absolute whirlwind this past week. She has so much energy and with a mere power nap, she can recharge those batteries and be ready to go again within the hour! The week has absolutely flown by, like is it really Sunday? Again?!  Just like last week, we’ve accomplished so much within a commendable seven days. Today marks the third day in a row without a single accident in the house. (Okay, I lied, there was one but we didn’t realise that the back door was closed so technically we were also at fault). Similarly to last week, it’s mainly been me and Luna at home during the day. I’ve noticed a big difference in her this week in that she has learnt to occupy her own time a little more and is less dependent on me for entertainment. Little things like taking herself off to play with toys (even if it’s only for a few minutes) or for a nap. Or not following me on my heels as I move from room to room…instead there’s a couple of seconds delay before she comes bounding after me. I keep telling her, ‘do you think we’d bring you all the way over to England to abandon you? No. I’m just going to the bathroom’.


A large part of my time this week was been dedicated to creating our sister site, Loving Luna and Friends . As I mentioned on the previous post, the aim of the site is to promote the adoption of animals who are currently residing at the shelter which cared for Luna. They are full to the brim with animals desperately seeking forever homes. The stray situation in Greece is at an all-time high with the Greek debt crisis, and following our experience of overseas adoption, we want to raise awareness that the process can be much smoother and more affordable than first imagined. And certainly rewarding


Whilst I have been working on this, it’s meant I’ve spent a lot of hours on the laptop which has tested Luna because it’s meant I’m less playful and interactive and so, in a way, has called upon her own independence. It’s been a way of weaning her off me for the days when I’m not there. She’s responded brilliantly, either sleeping or entertaining herself, and has been rewarded.  Hopefully this is an ethic she can implement. Although we are going to try and reduce the amount of time she is alone through avenues such as the daycare, my parent’s house etc, there still will be solitary times and if she can keep herself busy, rather than waiting in the window for eight hours straight, it’ll be great.


Thankfully, Oliver had the day off on Wednesday because we had so much planned. At 10:00am, she had her first appointment at the vets. I took treats and toys to try and make it a positive experience but she was more fascinated with the waiting room itself and anyone who passed through it. The appointment went really well despite her being a little coy in front of the vet. She confirmed that Luna was perfectly healthy! Yay! She weighed in at 19kg, a whole kilogram more than what she weighed at the shelter, and the vet remarked at the excellent condition her coat was in which is brilliant to hear as when she first arrived she was suffering with some dandruff as a result of the change in weather and stress. Her milky eye which I mentioned in the last post was diagnosed as a mild case of conjunctivitis which we purchased some eye drops for – that’s been fun. There’s eyedrops everywhere…on her neck, on her nose, on the bed, on the floor, on us. Everywhere. Except the eye. If anyone has any tried and tested advice of how to get them in, we’d gladly take it! We’ve tried treats, toys, the surprise attack. She’s so slippery! It’s most definitely become a game for her though – the tail wags non-stop.

After the vets, we took her to the Collar Club Doggy Daycare for a four-hour trial. Her energy changed completely from the lively spirit who walked there to the quiet soul who entered. As soon as she heard the other dogs barking, the tail went between the legs and she cowered her rear end. It reminded me of the story my Nan used to tell me about dropping me off at Nursery. Every morning without fail, I would stand at the window and watch as she drove away., hysterically crying. When she would return at the end of the day, I’d be in the exact same spot, still hysterically crying. So she bought me ‘No Tears’, a little tiger teddy and asked the nursery staff if I could take him in. From that day on, she’d drop me off and I’d trot away happily and play with No Tears and by as if by magic – there’d be no tears! To this day, he still sits on my shelf as a reminder to be brave. Unfortunately for Luna, we couldn’t explain to her that we would be back for her. We watched from behind glass as they took her into the pen with the other dogs. She clung to the staff’s leg like glue, so trusting of people over animals. I told them that if she hadn’t settled within an hour, to call me and we’d be straight back to collect her.

Four hours later, no call. I was going out of my mind and couldn’t wait for four o’clock to roll around. To make matters worse, the daycare uploaded some pictures of the dogs…and she wasn’t on a single one! I had visions of her having to be placed in a separate room, having the meltdown of all meltdown’s. Finally, it was time to collect her. We opened the door cautiously and I spotted her through the glass, cantering around, tail high, sniffing the other dogs. She looked like she was having a blast! We were in shock. I asked the staff how she’d been and they said slightly nervous still but that she’d really come out of her shell and would be fine to come back. Result! She whimpered like mad when she saw us and we got lots of kisses when she was released from the pen. On the way home we stopped off at Pets At Home, a big knuckle bone was well deserved! Later in the day, the daycare uploaded pictures of all the new dogs who attended today including Luna! How cute is this snap…


Our other success from this week came when we left her alone. On Friday night, we went out for a meal and some drinks with another couple, Tyler and Jess. Oliver used to work with Tyler and I went to school with Jess so it was super nice to catch up! Oliver’s mum also had plans which meant Luna was completely alone. After two and a half hours, we returned. Nothing had moved. There was no chewing, no accidents, no mischief. His mum, who had left later than us, said she cried for quite a while but after that must have taken herself off to bed and awaited our return. She was so happy to see us and received lots of praise for being such a patient girl. We plan on starting to leave her for longer periods in the build up to me starting full time work.

With Oliver being off this weekend, it’s meant that they’ve been able to have some quality, just him and Luna. Although it’s unfortunate that I’ve had to work, the pictures that I’ve received whilst sat at my desk of them playing in the sun at the park or curled up watching a movie have just made my day. I’m so glad they’ve had that time together. This afternoon, he took her for a long walk through the woods with two of our closest friends and she was so happy, exploring and cantering around (that’s our favourite word to describe the way she runs, she looks just like a miniature horse with those legs!). Here’s a snap of her absolutely zonked after one of their adventures.


There’s a dog show going on at the park later today which he’s hoping to take her to also. Categories I think she might stand a chance in include ‘waggiest tail’, ‘dog the judge would most like to take home’ and most likely of all… ‘biggest ears’. Check the Loving Luna Instagram for a rosette snap if they do make it down! Also, whilst at the park, we’ve started letting her off the lead for short periods of time, in walled or sheltered areas so that she doesn’t make a run for it. She comes back mostly. There’s been a couple of times we’ve gone jogging after her when she’s been distracted by other people or caught a scent but on the whole, positive signs.

And that’s us!

I’d like to finish this blog by asking all of our lovely readers once again, do check out Loving Luna and Friends if you get a spare moment and please, if you know anyone who is looking to extend their family, send them our way! If we can help some of the animals who haven’t been or may never be so lucky as Luna as to run into a pair of soppy Brits like me and Oliver, we’d just be completely made up. The two adoptees I’m writing about at the moment include Monkey,


And Medine,


You can learn more about them on the Loving Luna and Friends Page! We have also set up a Go Fund Me page for the shelter and plan on raising money through a sponsored dog walk in the near future. In the meantime, any contribution little or large would be appreciated immensely.

All funds will go straight to the shelter to help with food, toys, medicines, vaccinations, treatments and travel costs.
Have a lovely weekend!

Sending love,

Charlotte, Oliver and Luna


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