Hello to all of our lovely WordPress friends!

Thank you so much for all the love and support you have shown our page. In our first two months, we have received over 2, 000 views and we couldn’t be happier!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce our newly-created sister page, Loving Luna and Friends. With Luna now in her safe and loving forever home, we felt compelled to help those who came to our aid with their mission and to help those strays back in Greece who had not been or may never be so lucky as to stumble across a pair of soppy Brits such as ourselves.

The aim of the platform is three-fold,

  • To promote the adoption of Greek strays in the United Kingdom and to offer advice, support and contacts for those who choose to purse international adoption.
  • To raise funds for the charities who make these rescues and adoptions possible through events, merchandise and sponsorship.
  • To raise awareness of the stray crisis overseas.

On the blog, I will be writing about particular strays who are currently residing at the shelter in Thessaloniki and trying to connect them with a forever home in the U.K.

The first blog which is written about two month old Monkey, and the second about the gentle Medine are now live so please check them out!

Sending love,

Charlotte, Oliver and Luna x


3 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. You guys are my heroes! I’ve been to Thessaloniki (and other Greek islands) and know full well the number of strays of both cats and dogs living on the streets. I hope a new awareness in their plight changes the culture so there are less of them. With kudos and affection to you all. 💖

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    1. Ahhh Monika! It makes us so happy to receive one of your lovely comments! It’s the absolute least we can do for the shelter who helped us with Luna – they’re almost completely full up! If people knew that the process wasn’t as expensive or complicated as it might seem, I think they’d be more willing to adopt from overseas! Greek strays really do have such a bad time of it. Sending lots and lots of love x

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      1. Indeed Greek pups (ad kitties) are victims of a simple fact that sterilization would make life so much easier for all those street pets. While the Greek people are so generous with spirit, the sheer numbers of street animals underscores the reality of many of those pets’ lives. Your exposure will hopefully impress on the importance of caring for the more unfortunate ones. Hugs and tail wags. ~Monika, Sam & Elsa 🐾


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