Day Forty Three: Monday 30th July

Apologies for the late blog post – Luna sure has kept us busy!

What an incredible first week we have had with her! Apart from the odd accident and occasional chewing incident, she has settled into her new life as a domesticated dog exceptionally well! Better than we ever could have hoped. Wherever we go, whatever we do – she’s happy as long as she’s with us. She’s taking everything completely in her stride and living each day to the fullest. We couldn’t be happier.

On that first morning, she rose bright and early from her own bed and woke us with a little nose nudge. With Oliver starting to get ready for work, myself and his mum took Luna for a long walk. We are fortunate that they live close to a huge park with plenty of space to stretch her legs. She was as good as gold and was so excited to experience all the new sights, smells and sounds.


When we got back, I jumped in the shower whilst Oliver’s mum took a nap on the sofa…all went quiet. Too quiet. I hurried my shower and rushed downstairs, expecting to find a chaotic scene, and instead I found her napping with Oliver’s mum! So cute!


I took the opportunity to take a kip myself – the long trip to collect her had really taken it out of me! Minutes after I had curled up on the bed, I was joined by a little black shape which leapt up and slid in against my stomach, yawned and fell straight back to sleep. It was amazing to see her so comfortable.

unnamed (3)

Later in the day, we encountered our first issue – claustrophobia. After a few hours, she seemed to be feeling a little trapped in, pacing the perimeter and whimpering. We have to remember that she’s used to roaming free not being trapped in rooms and a walled garden. So, we decided to take her for a trip to Pets At Home to find something to keep her mind occupied. With Luna, everything is about food. Understandably. So the big knuckle bone we purchased kept her entertained for hours. Her stray mentality still very present, she gnawed half and buried half in the compost outside. In the afternoon, it was time to pick Oliver’s younger sister up from school and we were so excited for her to meet Luna!

Riding in the car was now second nature, she hops straight in and sits down – tail wagging, wide-eyed, tongue dangling. We excepted this to be a challenge for Luna, a yard full of excited kids breaking up from school for the summer and congregations of chatty parents. But again, she was brilliant and gave his little sister the warmest greeting. Once home, she took another nap on the sofa, seems like I wasn’t the only one who was tired. She was slotting into the family just perfectly.

Evening came and Oliver arrived home from work to the biggest and waggiest welcome! Jumping like a little lamb into the window, racing to the front door, rolling on her back at his feet. Bedtime rolled around and she snuggled up in her little bed at the foot of ours and was out for the count moments later.

In the days following, Luna visited numerous places including our local pub to meet mine and Oliver’s friends, his Auntie’s house,his Grandad’s house and also my Nan’s. Nothing seemed to faze her! As soon as you opened that car door, she was in, ready and raring for the trip. We took her bed and some comforts everywhere we went and after a routine exploration and some playtime, she would curl up in her own little space and settle, content in anyone’s company.


One of my favorite moments was taking her to home to meet my family who were so desperate to meet her. The introduction coincided with my Mum’s birthday so most of the family were round at my house. She gave everyone such a happy hello and was keen to explore the big garden, running up the little stream my Dad recently installed (we’ve decided it’s new purpose is a Doggy Slip N Slide) and through the trees. As for my family dog, Koko, he was hesitant and gave her plenty of space. He’s never been the most social but by evening, they were kipping in beds beside one another. Although it may never be friendship on his part, there’s a definite tolerance there and that’s a big step for him.


 In the evening, we got the fire pit going and she settled sleepily in her bed outside surrounded by family, toasty by the glowing embers.

For now, she’s going to be living in between the two houses like me and Oliver have done for so long. Thankfully, we only live around the corner from one another. This is only temporary, until we can secure our own place, and it works well for everyone. It means that Luna is rarely on her own. For example, this weekend she was with my parents whilst me and Oliver were working and had the best time, playing in the garden, going for plenty of walks with Koko and kipping on the couch. She’s also worked out that her new Nanna and Grandpa are generous with toys and treats! During the week, she will spend most of her time at Oliver’s mum’s who she loves very dearly! It means that everyone gets to spend time with her! She is highly in demand! Meetings by appointment only!

unnamed (1)

Other things that she’s been getting up to this week include having her first splash in the river, meeting my Nan’s dogs with whom she had her first real play – chasing them around the coffee table and washing behind each other’s ears, she’s met some horses (was not keen), has learnt to ‘sit’ and demonstrates this at crossings whilst waiting for the green man, she’s 98% house trained but really knows how to choose the perfect spot for an accident, including Oliver’s mum’s WHITE bedroom carpet.

When it comes to other dogs outside of the home, she can be a bit nervy. It’s not a petrified fear but also not a tail wag. It’s a ‘I’m going to stand stationary and allow you to sniff me but I’m not going to make eye contact with you’. We’ve enrolled her into a doggy day care which is super close to my house. Her first trial is on Wednesday so fingers crossed she’ll have fun! It will most likely only be a one day a week thing but they play fetch, have bubble discos, scent trails and more! The pictures on Facebook look brilliant! Hopefully this will help to coax her out of her social shell.

She’s also got her first appointment with the vet on Thursday. It’s only an introduction but we’re going to take some toys and try to make it a positive experience. It also helps that it’s within Pets At Home so perhaps by the time she’s passed the aisles of toys and treats, she won’t be feeling too nervous. I cannot wait to find out her weight – everyone agrees she’s put a little on already which is good. I’m not surprised – she’s got a stomach like a bottomless pit. Perhaps we will also find out more as to the breed that she is. The bets at the moment are still on some kind of Labrador/Whippet/Weimaraner/Dobermann blend. We also want the vet to take a look at her left eye as there is sometimes a small, milky build-up on her second eyelid. It’s very minor and doesn’t cause her any discomfort but better to be safe than sorry!

And how are we doing? Exhausted. Unfortunately Oliver has had to work a lot this week, including on his day off and has had some commitments in the evenings which could not be rearranged. Having her to myself has been wonderful but equally draining. It’s literally like what I imagine having a new born baby is like. If she cries, she needs comforting. If she’s quiet, she’s most likely up to mischief. If she sleeps, I sleep. She needs constant attention, love and affection so I’ve been grateful to hand over the reigns when he gets home. It’s upset him that he hasn’t been able to spend the same amount of time with her as I have but despite his longer hours, his tiredness, his aversion to early rises – he’s still made time to walk her every morning before work and that quality time, with just the three of us, has been so special. Despite all of the obstacles, it hasn’t stopped them from developing the most unique bond – she goes absolutely bonkers when he walks through the door and it makes my heart burst! I hate to admit it…but I think she’s a daddy’s girl. Take a look-

Everyone who has met her has fallen in love. She has charmed them completely and continues to develop such wonderful relationships with all the people who matter most to us. This journey has not come without it’s frustrating moments but we are grateful, for the good and the bad, and are totally infatuated with our latest addition.

How lovely does she look in her new coat which her Nanna bought? (Yes it’s become a thing now to call ourselves Mummy, Daddy, Nanna etc…)

She’s ready for the British ‘Summer’!

unnamed (2)

The promised VLOG is still on it’s way – I’m no editor and it’s proved to be a more complex task than I first imagined but it’s 99% complete. I just need Oliver to give me a hand with the final few touches.  We will post the link as soon as it’s complete.

That’s all for now!

Sending love from Charlotte, Oliver and Luna.


3 thoughts on “Day Forty Three: Monday 30th July

  1. You have accomplished such a lot in such a short time. Luna is set now for a good life. I think you have done well for only having an occasional ‘accident.’
    I’m not too sure that she is impressed with wearing a doggy coat…but come the winter rain, she may well be glad of it. At least our current warm summer isn’t too different from the one she is used to… She can slowly acclimatise herself.
    Yes…like having a newborn, but they grow quickly and so will Luna. Hope the doggy daycare helps her to adjust to other animals around and assists her become a fine, upstanding, doggy citizen. 👏😊💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We agree! We can’t believe how smoothly the house training has gone! But then again, we don’t know that she hasn’t ever been owned before. It was suggested that, as she has had a litter of pups before, she may have been thrown out when she got pregnant. Certain ‘domestic’ things do seem to come easy to her. Either that or she’s just very intelligent! Yes, wasn’t too keen at first but equally wasn’t impressed when we got caught out in the pouring rain before the coat! Thanks for your support Colette! Sending love to you and yours! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Squee! Luna is just adorable and seems to have fit nicely into her new home. You guys are doing a great job with her socialization. I loved the pogo stick hop on the sofa when she realized Oliver had come home. Since it appears Luna is very keen on food (and no doubt probably part Labrador), use it as a training tool. A dog that responds to treats is much easier to train. Have fun with your sweet girl and give her extra belly rubs from us.


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