Day Twenty Six: Friday 13th July

Unfortunately, Football didn’t make it home. What a commendable effort though! And, very much like the tournament which has seen its fair share of ups and downs, our story too is nearing its highly-anticipated climax. Luna’s arrival is imminent. Literally. Like it’s so close. We’re talking next few blogs kinda close so make sure you keep checking in! We so appreciate all the likes, comments, shares and messages! I wonder what her reaction would be if I showed her our blog statistics – most likely a perplexed look and that iconic head tilt that dogs do.

Speaking of expressions, check out these wonderful pictures which we received from Olivia this week. If this is not the image of health and happiness, I don’t know what is.

These were followed by a lovely email and more pictures from Alice who explained that Luna had had her first bath! Yay! Apparently she was shakey to begin with. Perhaps the bath was missing the tidal motion she’s used to from her many years of playing in the sea. But again, we have to remember that every little thing is so new to her and although she is incredibly trusting of humans, she may never have had such regular, intimate contact or been shown such care.

Once back out in the pen, drying off in the thirty degree heat, Alice reported that all was well. We are so pleased with how shiny her coat has come up!  With being black, she never really looked particularly dirty at any point, even when we found her, but seeing her glossy, cool coat reflecting the suns rays really shows a great difference!

The nesting stage is also in full flow! We took our first trip as expectant doggo parents to Pets At Home and picked up some supplies. So bizarre looking down at her empty bed last night thinking of how very, very soon, it will be filled.


And my favourite purchase of the day….


Complete with our names, contact numbers and addresses of course. How very exciting! There is a definite feeling of preparedness between us both now. We just want her here so badly. It’s crazy to think that exactly one month ago today we were three days into our holiday and still hadn’t even met Luna! Yet just over three weeks on, she is now legally ours and due to arrive in our home where she will spend, what we hope will be, a long and happy life.

Current worries – Will everything go to plan? Will she cope with the travelling? Will we have trouble at security? But mainly, is she going to remember us? We expect that on collection, she will be very tired but hopefully, even if it’s just one little wag of the tail, there are some reassuring signs. I hope she will know that she is simply transitioning from one place of love, to another. I worry also that she will pine for Alice and Olivia, the first people to really show her compassion. All we can do is make her feel secure, safe and loved, taking each day as it comes.

It really does feel as though Christmas has come early this year. I am so grateful for the many things in my life; my family, my friends, my job, my university degree (results are due any day now!) and of course, Oliver, who’s patience, kindness and love continues to amaze me everyday. I know he is going to make the best doggo dad!

So let’s hope that, unlike today’s date, we are lucky and that the last leg of our journey goes off without a hitch.



6 thoughts on “Day Twenty Six: Friday 13th July

  1. The anticipation is palpable! Love her new tag. And just a happy, pretty girl. If it’s any consolation, neither Sam nor Elsa like baths either and they’ve had scads of them. It’s just one of those things. Maybe because most tubs are slippery?

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  2. Hi,

    Your friend recommended this blog to me. It’s absolutely wonderful and reminded me so strongly of bringing my fur baby over from Thailand!
    Don’t worry, everything will be fine and she will most definitely remember you.


    1. Eve, thank you so much for reading! And for your lovely comments!❤️ It’s so reassuring to come across someone who has been in our position, it’s all a mixture of excitement and apprehension at the moment so thanks again for your support! We really appreciate it, sending love xxx


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