Day Twenty One: Sunday 8th July

It’s official – Football is not the only thing that is coming home!

We are so pleased to announce that, after much re-arranging and re-evaluating, the plans for Luna’s alternative travel into the UK have now been finalised! With an official date and step-by-step schedule! We are well and truly on our way and are working with some wonderful people, across three different countries, to get our little lady home. Without revealing too many details (to ensure we are not informing the wrong people who may want to interfere with our plans), here are the arrangements:

  1. Alice travels with Luna from Greece to an airport in Paris as it is easier to fly to Paris than directly to the UK.
  2. Another charity will collect Luna and transport her to UK.
  3. Myself and Oliver will travel to the agreed meeting point and collect Luna (eeek!?)

It’s ambitious and slightly bonkers but so to was the decision to adopt a stray dog from a foreign country – we’re simply in-keeping with the theme.

I cannot tell you the joy in the room when we got the message from Olivia, ‘Flight is booked! Baby Luna is coming home to you!’ There was just this wave of shock, relief, excitement, panic…is this what pup-parenthood feels like? Did I just get my dog-mom due date? Said date is soon…very soon. Are we prepared? Have we got everything we need? The answer is no. I spent my shift on Saturday writing out a ‘Luni Checklist’…food, water bowl, treats, bed, toys etc…but we’re getting there, the nesting stage has begun.

But in actual fact, what does a stray dog who has been plucked from everything she knows, who has experienced so much in such a short amount of time, who is soon-to-be in a strange new country, really need? Love and lots of it. This is something we are most definitely ready to provide. Luna’s small fan club has grown and grown, from family to friends to colleagues to strangers and even to over 1,100 of you who kindly visited the blog last month, we were absolutely blown away. With this uncontainable and ever-increasing affection, I have no fear that Luna will adjust into her new home comfortably. There will of course be teething issues – quite literally, but the house training, routine establishing and first separations are all part of the journey.

To fill you in on what’s been happening here:

We’ve fallen in love with a house. It has a huge back garden with plenty of room for her to stretch those long black legs and also to accommodate for a paddling pool for our little water lover. Plus, it’s only a few minutes from my mum and dad’s so we can always pop back home and venture onto the big fields with the rest of the canine pack. It was on one of these walks where I had a sentimental moment. I looked at the beautiful sunset as seen below and just thought ‘I cannot wait to see her running through the fields, without a care in the world, without any worries or harm to come her way’.

We are going for a viewing on the property on Wednesday and fingers-crossed, it could be ours within the next few weeks!

One lovely moment from Oliver’s week which I wanted to share was the below token which one of his customers lovingly hand-made for him. How kind-spirited and generous people can be!


My faith in humanity has been refreshed throughout this adventure. Whether it’s taking the time out of your day to do one small act or, like Olivia and Alice, your unconditional compassion which compels you to dedicate your entire life to animals, one thing is for certain – people really care.

As Luna’s arrival date grows closer, a thought which I recorded in an earlier blog resonates again with me, ‘does she know how loved she is?’ She has transitioned from a stray dog, a loner, a wanderer to the centre of our world. She has stolen the hearts of so many people and she isn’t even in the country yet. She has a fan club of over 1,000 people, none of whom she has met.

It reminds me of a line from a poem which my Nan wrote about me many moons ago, ‘the world around her she fills with fun which lifts the hearts of everyone’, very poignant.





3 thoughts on “Day Twenty One: Sunday 8th July

  1. Congrats on getting things finalized. We’ll keep our paws crossed that the plans stay true and Luna dear comes ‘home’ soon. And congrats on finding a new home. Such excitement. Wishing you ages of happiness with your little girl in the new digs.


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