Day Fifteen: Monday 2nd July

Hello to all! I apologise sincerely for the lack of blog-posting at the moment. We are currently in a stalemate situation, a time of uncertainty, with arrangements changing from one day to the next and so it has been difficult to pin down some content which I won’t have to edit at a later date. So instead, I am going to empty my brain of the current happenings and see what you make of it.

So what’s the latest? As you will know if you have read Day Eleven, we have stumbled upon our first hiccup in the journey to #GetLunaHome. If you haven’t read the blog, you can catch up at

With Luna being in season, she could not be neutered at her veterinary appointment as we had hoped.  This resulted in a dilemma – should we stick with the original transport plans and just neuter her in the UK? Or should we continue to board Luna until she can be neutered in Greece and make alternative transport arrangements? In the end, the latter won. For various reasons: we know she is settled in Greece, she would get all her treatments over and out of the way in one round, the veterinary fees over there are much more cost-effective (important when you are also currently on the hunt for a home for the three of you), she won’t have to be around my other dogs with her stitches and also, she won’t associate me and Oliver with the dreaded cone of shame. That was of course until we discovered that the next trip to the UK, as organised by the charity, would not be until mid September.

We knew in our hearts instantly that that date was simply too far away. So we decided to revert to the first option, ‘let’s just get her here, let’s do the treatment in the UK and let’s cross the other bridges when we come to them’, we thought. This all seemed very logical and I must admit, reverting back to the idea of having her with us in under two weeks had me excited all over again.

It was then we learned that she had forfeited her place on the ferry which was scheduled to arrive within the month and had instead been put on a cancellation list. Should anyone like us find themselves in a position where they decide to postpone their travel, Luna would regain her place. Brilliant. The first dog-parent decision we’ve had to make and we’ve ballsed it up.

But we hadn’t. Things happen for a reason. In the same way that Luna was brought to us, Fate had decided to toss a few obstacles our way and if it thought we were going to give up on her, it was sadly mistaken. At the moment, all heads are being put together to summon a solution. Possible suggestions so far include-

  • Another charity transport trip – we are currently contacting others as to their availability. Trying very hard to remain professional when all you want to say is ‘She’s only little! Can’t you make room? If there are hot dogs and access to some water which she can splash her feet in, you could probably convince her to squeeze!’ and then reminding yourself that Luna comes first, even before your own selfish desires to have her here, right now, this second and not a moment later…
  • A flight, with an escort, to Paris or Brussels and collecting her from there – this option seems unlikely however Olivia may be able to arrange transport from either destination to London which becomes perfectly doable. Not that Paris or Brussels with Oliver and Luna wouldn’t be bliss but we have to remain realistic. We are working with the logical sense of ‘if there’s a better way, let’s pursue that’. If worst comes to worst, she is still secured a place on the mid September ferry and if that falls through, me and Oliver are flying back over to Halkidiki and retrieving her ourselves. She’s coming home one way or another.
  • I have contacted various Pet Travel agencies for a direct flight to the UK and am awaiting some quotes however I fear these may be exceptionally expensive.

I think this is what parenting, albeit dog-parenting, is about. Taking risks, learning from every misfortune, staying motivated, loving unconditionally and ultimately, putting the needs of another before your own. We will most likely never be the two of us again (slightly scary thought). We will hopefully have Luna for many, many happy years and perhaps by then other additions may have come along (NOT FOR A LONG TIME YET THOUGH). But we have responsibilities, commitments, a dependent now and although it’s a little frightening that we are so much more than just two, we wouldn’t change a thing. She found us and we will find a way to bring her home.

Any suggestions or advice is welcome and anyone with a private jet and a spare weekend coming up is most definitely encouraged to drop me a direct message. In return, we can offer an unlimited, all-year-round pass to pet Luna. I might be bias but I think this is a fair exchange, she is adorable after all as seen below…

This video was taken at the kennels shortly before we said our goodbyes, you can see how curious she is, fascinated by the world around her and how happy she is.

Missing you Luni! But hopefully not for much longer!


7 thoughts on “Day Fifteen: Monday 2nd July

  1. I am so sorry that you are encountering so many problems with bringing Luna to UK to join your family.

    I know that you want her to be with you as soon as possible, but each change for Luna will be stressful and while you are going through a change of home and finishing your degree, you are in a lot of flux that will also be stressful for your other dog pals.

    I have always thought that everything happens for a reason. And trying to force things can end up with problems. From my perspective (as an outsider looking in), Luna may be best to wait where she is until she can be neutered and brought over in the charity van in September. The UK will be a huge change for her. Having her in perfect health, with stitches all healed, will be the most beneficial to her transition. It will take a little time for her to reacquaint herself with you, and make friends with your other dogs. Why don’t you wait until that situation will be more settled in your new home? Just a suggestion of course. You will have to do what you think is best.😊


    1. PS- I don’t have enough data allowance to watch the videos, but I am sure Luna will win hearts and minds. Thanks so much for sharing her story. What you have done for her, despite the many weeks you will be separated, is such a loving gift to her.💖


    2. Thanks Colette for your suggestions!❤️ It’s difficult to find the balance between what we want and what is best for Luna. She has no idea of the changes which lay ahead for her! I fully appreciate and take on board your comments so thank you! We have just had word that (providing there is room) Luna could get a flight to Paris within the next few weeks with Alice as an escort.
      From there, another charity would pick her up and meet us at an arranged spot in the UK, later the same day!
      I think this will be easier on her as opposed to the three day ferry journey. By that date, I will have finished university and we shouldn’t be too far from the new home either!
      She is going to email me later today with some more info and also updates on Luna, but she did say ‘P.S. Luna is doing very well! More news on her, tonight!’
      Fingers crossed this could be the start to a solution!🐶xxx


  2. These kinds of hiccups seem ‘pawfectly’ in line with a rehoming of a dog from Greece to the UK. Delays can sometimes be a good thing, even for us impatient uprights. Sending oodles of poodles good luck your way.


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